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4stSOFT is a software suite which was originally written by Prof. Blair, and marketed by SAE, to accompany his textbook "Design and Simulation of Four-Stroke Engines".  

The original software suite proved very popular, but marketing changes at SAE resulted in its withdrawal from sale and the return of the copyright to its author. Since that time, many textbook purchasers have written to us asking how they may acquire the original software suite. In the interim, the original software suite was not only greatly sophisticated and expanded but was bundled with the 4stHEAD suite and labelled as 4stSOFT. While most 4stHEAD user-clients can freely use 4stSOFT, Prof. Blair & Associates decided to make the 4stSOFT suite available as a stand alone package to satisfy this popular demand.

Areas included in the program are:
Engine geometry and basic performance characteristics; Otto Cycles with classic and phased burn; Diesel Cycles with classic and phased burn; unsteady gas dynamics and thermodynamics of pressure wave propagation, friction loss and transfer, gas and geometry discontinuities, pipe end wave reflections, pipe branch wave reflections, cylinder to pipe flow and wave reflections, and acoustics attenuation at silencers; fully professional programs for valve lift profile generation, analysis of flowbench data for discharge coefficients, analysis of cylinder pressure data for combustion characteristics, empirical design of the cylinder head contents and the tuning of its attached intake and exhaust ducting to achieve target performance characteristics (see 4stHEAD Products page for a more detailed description)

Computer Hardware Requirements
4stSOFT requires the following minimum hardware:
  CPU:                  Intel Pentium 333MHz or faster
  Memory:             64 Megabytes RAM
  Display:              SVGA 800x600 or higher
  Mouse:               Any Windows mouse
  Hard Disk Space:  At least 10 Megabytes of free space

Computer Software Requirements
4stSOFT requires the following software:
  Operating System: Microsoft Windows


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