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Prof. Gordon P. Blair (deceased), CBE, FSAE, FREng, Professor Emeritus, The Queen’s University of Belfast. Prof. Blair is the author of three textbooks on the design and development of two-stroke and four-stroke engines (SAE book references R-161 and R-186) and of over 100 technical papers in the same vein. Prof Blair was formerly the


Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and a Pro-Vice-Chancellor of The Queen's University of Belfast.

Dr. Charles D. McCartan, Queen’s University Belfast. Dr. McCartan has made significant contributions to the progress of engine design, development, research, simulation and validation at QUB, and is the author of several technical papers on the gas dynamics and the dynamics of engine design.

Hans Hermann, Hans Hermann Engineering, Phoenix, Arizona. Hans Hermann is a very well-known engine design consultant world-wide. He has been responsible for many famous and successful racing engines, and other engine, designs. He has even been labeled by a reputable engine design magazine as a ‘cam design genius’ and, many years ago, was the catalyst who propelled Prof. Blair and Associates into this field of the mechanical design of the components within the cylinder head of four-stroke engines. In short, the 4stHEAD software does precisely what this expert designer in this field wants, and must have available, as a design tool.



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